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Eoroarea Bank Stress Tests – Primer

July 22, 2010

All are awaiting the results of bank stress tests in Euroarea to be released tomorrow (23 July 2010). The results would be announced at 6 PM CEST (Central European Standard Time). There are lots of rumors doing the rounds (thanks to eurointelligence for most news items) and most not in the favor. Most saying all banks will pass the tests which is a joke.

I was wondering who would do these tests? What is the methodology? Which are the banks?


Approach to the Twelfth Five Year Plan

July 22, 2010

Planning Commission has started the exercise to formulate the 12th 5-year plan. Goal of the plan should be faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth.


Assorted Links

July 22, 2010
  • Gulzar points to new paper on default savings options
  • Cowen points to a new blog by MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson
  • Rogoff is the latest economist to say don’t rush for any fiscal push right now. Krugman on Rogoff’s recent article. He doesn’t spare anyone. He might be taking on JohnTaylor very soon who has been saying cutting national debt = stimulus
  • Krugman also builds a Fedfail Index. Needless to say the index is very high meaning Fed is failing big time
  • WSJ Blog points how Avinash Dixit’s new paper came from a sitcom. Amazing really
  • Casey Mulligan compares deflation in great depression vs today

Use and work with the Indian Rupee symbol immediately!

July 22, 2010

We have a new symbol for Indian Rupee.

But as mentioned it would take time for us to start using and working with the symbol as there would be changes in software code etc.

Not really. Chaitanya of Foradian Technologies alerts me that it is possible immediately. They have designed a Rupee font which you can download on your system. By typing this ` (above tab on the left side of the keyboard) and use the Rupee font on the ` symbol, you get the Rupee symbol right away.

More details and methodology here.

I have tried it and it works. Thanks a ton Chaitanya for the information and to Foradia for developing this tool.

I realise this tool has been available for a while and many people already have it. I thought it has been out only recently. I just checked the date of the Foradia post and it was on 16 July 2010. So almost a week old by now.

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