Approach to the Twelfth Five Year Plan

Planning Commission has started the exercise to formulate the 12th 5-year plan. Goal of the plan should be faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth.

Planning Commission has initiated the exercise for formulating the Twelfth Five Year Plan. The Planning Commission Members at a meeting chaired by Deputy Chairman intensively discussed the main theme for the Twelfth Five Year Plan in the backdrop of the performance of the Eleventh Five Year Plan in achieving objectives of faster and inclusive growth. It has emerged that the main goal of the Twelfth Five Year Plan should be faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth with focus on people to improve their capabilities, access to opportunities, empowerment of weaker sections by including the excluded; making it happen through better governance, innovation in government schemes, effective sectoral
strategies, rural/urban transformation; protecting the environment by sustainable and equitable use of natural and manmade resources. All these require robust macro economic framework in terms of high GDP growth, savings and investments rates, fiscal balance of consolidation etc. 

The plan will cover following areas:

  • A. Goal : Faster, Sustainable and More Inclusive Growth
  • B. Macro-Framework
  • C. The People: (Development for, of and by the people)
  • D. The Planet : removing constraints on growth through sustainable use of resources.
  • E. Making it Happen 

Read this document for more insights. 

It has also set up a consultative process where people can send their suggestions about 12th plan on

Planning Commission has also put up a proposal to invite researchers to do research under various economics areas.

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