Assorted Links

  • Cowen points Christina Romer to step down from CEA and Peter Diamond not confirmed as Fed Governor. Also see this funny article on economic forecasting
  • Bush had passed certain tax cuts in his time. They are set to expire next year. There is a debate on whether  they should continue. Krugman says let the tax cuts go and instead increase public spending. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Given the political realities, he suggests go for a temporary extension of the lower-end cuts, and just letting the upper-end cuts expire.
  • Harvard’s Gita Gopinath remmebers her Phd thesis adviser- Bernanke
  • Today a very crucial data is to e released – US unemployment rate for July 2010. Markets expect non farm payrolls to be at -ve 65,000 and unemp rate at 9.6% , higher than 9.5% in June. Anything higher or lower will lead to corresponding market movements. Economix points what to expect in the report

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