Blogging is going to weak for next one month

This blog is going on a vacation and blogging is likely to remain weak. I will try and post once a while but it is not going to be regular. Full blogging should resume in mid-September.

But do keep sending me your comments and suggestions to improve the blog. I always look forward to them. If you have certain articles which could be used as guest post, do send them. I can atleast post them on the blog whenever I get the time.

Till then bye and see you soon.

5 Responses to “Blogging is going to weak for next one month”

  1. rakhi gupta Says:

    Hello Sir, this website and the posted links are a great source of information for ppl like us. Well, for an introduction.. myself, Rakhi, a student pursuing masters in Economics from delhi.

    Recently RBI has released Annual Report for 2009-10. This document provides inner insights in simple and summarised way.

    Also there has been press release of Foreign Trade Policy (2009-14). Again a great document, must read. It is available at –

    Kind Regards

  2. Dipesh Says:

    Hey Amol!
    First let me congratulate you on your fantastic work of pulling out all economy related stuff under one roof….ur blog is really very informative Keep up the good work
    and now regarding the link whcih i have posted it has an article title reflections on the sovereign debt crisis…..tracing what caused previous sovereign defaults….why did they default and not to mention the current sovereign crises with an historical perspective and why this time it is different.

  3. Dipesh Says:

    Srry 4gt to add the link here its is

  4. Big_vic Says:


    I recently visited your blog. I think its very informative. Do you have anything on how to read WSS report which is published on a weekly basis by RBI in a detail manner.



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