Reliance Communications is nudging!

I just got an email from Reliance Communications. It plans to activate e-bill facility where e-bills would be sent to customer’s emails free of charge.

And the nudge is it has opted the subscriber into the plan. So the default is opt-in and in case you don’t want this facility, you need to reply and opt out of the facility!

For your billing convenience, we would e mail your bills on your e mail id available with us. In addition to the hard copy that you receive monthly, you will also receive an eBill.  Please also note that this facility is being activated on your account free of charge.

In case you do not wish to activate this facility, please write to us mentioning “Opt Out” in the subject line.

Great stuff!! Reliance uses nudge to great use. It may not be knowing that it is nudging but that is the broad idea behind the book as well. Many policies etc are nudges,  so why not design them for maximum benefit.

It could have added that subscribers could also choose just to receive a softcopy. So those who have email ids can just get a softcopy and rest can continue to receive a hardcopy. I think it could be the next step after seeing the feedback on this facility. It could just send an email to those receiving bills as soft-copies saying it plans to discontinue sending hard-copies to these people. So in case you still prefer to receive hard copy, opt-out of this scheme.

This could be applied by many corporates to cut down paper usage.

Exciting to see nudges being applied in real world!!+

6 Responses to “Reliance Communications is nudging!”

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  2. VK Says:

    Or it could just be that R Com had way too many people telling them they couldn’t pay their bill because they never recieved it. Send the bill to 2 mailboxes (physical + online) and if the email doesn’t bounce the recipient can’t say it was never recieved.

  3. Harpreet Says:

    Hey Amol,

    Reliance has already done that….cos i have opted for soft copy and discontinued receiving the hard copy. So they r already into it.

  4. ngnm Says:

    It could also be a cost cutting measure . after 2-3 months they will stop the hard copy bill and save on paper, printing and delivering costs.

    Vodafone India has done this successfully by raising the “save our trees” bogey. after plastering users requesting them to switch to e-bill, one day most of them received text messages saying ” your request for soft copy of bill has been received. you will not receive hard copy of the bill from the next billing cycle”. this was despite the fact that almost all of them had never asked for the switch nor did the message give an option to switch out of the enforced “option”. All this by a MNC company with worlds highest revenue in the mobile phone business…….

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