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Pareto – Monthly column at Pragati

November 1, 2010

Though it started in July-10, just forgot to point it.

I have started contributing to Pragati, a monthly magazine run by The Takshashila Institution, a thinktank based in Chennai. The colum has been given a nice title – Pareto. November’s html edition is here. PDF of the whole mag is here

Indian economy update – fortnight basis

November 1, 2010

I have started writing on developments in Indian economy on a fortnight basis. It discusses key economic data released in previous fortnight. The report for previous fortnight (16 Oct 2010 – 31 Oct 2010)  is here.

It discusses:

  • Fiscal deficit between Apr-Sep 10
  • CPI inflation
  • Core Industry index
  • Rabi Crops MSP revised upwards

Comments/suggestions welcome.

US has already lost half a decade!

November 1, 2010

Those arguing whether US will have its lost decade or not. In this article on comparing US and Japan, Simon Johnson says:


Banking: From Bagehot to Basel and back again

November 1, 2010

This is the title of a new speech/paper by Bank of England Governor – Mervyn King. This blog has said this before as well- UK policymakers are the most honest and critical about its state of policies and financial system. This one is another such piece from King.

He first discusses Bagehot’s golden words on banking and central banking.


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