White Papers for Future Research in the Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences

I came across this superb link where you have white papers from top economists on future of economic research (HT Market Design Blog).

The National Science Foundation sent out a Dear Colleague letter requesting white papers on grand challenges in the social and behavioral sciences. The Directorate for the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences of the National Science Foundation (NSF/SBE) will use these white papers “to frame innovative research for the year 2020 and beyond that enhances fundamental knowledge and benefits society in many ways. This request is part of a process that will help NSF/SBE make plans to support future research.” The Dear Colleague letter is available here. Advance copies of some of the papers were also sent to the AEACGR and are available below.

So you have white papers from Acemoglu, Poterba, Rodrik, Duflo, Alesina, Diamond etc. The topics are also highly diverse – development economics, macroeconomics, environment economics, market design etc. You name it and you have it here.

On each, there are neat 4-5 pager papers on what to expect from econ research in their fields in future and what are the challenges?

I have started reading them…..will post on them if I find anything interesting. Superb resource.

One Response to “White Papers for Future Research in the Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences”

  1. Onthod Says:

    Great post, will now visit site on a regular basis 😀

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