Nokia’s nudge to save power

I was charging my Nokia mobile phone. I noticed this message as phone was fully charged:

Battery Full.  Save Energy and remove charger from wall socket.

Interesting nudge to save power. Most of the time we forget to take the charger off from the socket.

In many places you just have these sockets to plug the charger and there is no switch. So the default setting is just plug in and charge the phone. Hence, once the mobile is charged, people forget to take off the charger (atleast I do).

Just a few days ago this blog pointed Reliance Communications is nudging! And now Nokia. Simple nudges make a difference.

One Response to “Nokia’s nudge to save power”

  1. Nudge blog · Does your cell phone… Says:

    […] you to remove the charger from the wall socket after it’s finished charging? Amol Agrawal says his Nokia phone does. Nice little reminder […]

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