Independent Evaluation Office to assess impact of Indian Government’s Flagship Programmes

Planning Commission has set up a new office  – Independent Evaluation Office to assess impact of Government’s Flagship Programmes.

The Union Cabinet today approved the establishment of an Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) to undertake impartial and objective assessment of the various public programmes and improve the effectiveness of public interventions. This is in pursuance of the Presidential address to the Joint Session of both Houses of Parliament in June, 2009 to establish an Independent Evaluation Office at an arms’ distance from the Government to assess the outcomes and impact of the major flagship programmes of the Government of India.

The IEO will be an independent office attached to the Planning Commission under a Governing Board chaired by the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission. It will be funded by the Planning Commission and will have, as its head, a full-time Director General (DG) in the rank and status of Member, Planning Commission. It will have full functional autonomy to discharge its functions. The IEO will also advise the Planning Commission and the implementing agencies in developing appropriate management systems consistent with the evaluation objectives.

The IEO will strengthen the existing evaluation process by drawing the best resources available from leading research organizations. The findings of the independent evaluation will be reported to the Government of India and also be placed in the public domain.

I was wondering what happens to this department of Planning Commission – Programme Evaluation Organisation. It has near same functions as well and has taken out decent reports as well. May be it is merged with this new office. But why this duplication?

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