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Indian Economy – Fortnightly Update

December 16, 2010

Here is the latest fortnightly edition on Indian economy. It covers following data released between 1 Dec 2010 and 14 Dec 2010:

  • IIP for Oct-10
  • WPI Inflation for Nov-10
  • Exports for Oct-10

Comments/feedback on improving the product welcome.

RBI’s December-2010 monetary policy review

December 16, 2010

RBI released its mid-quarter review for Dec-10.

Usually the trade-off RBI (and other central banks) face is inflation vs growth. This time around it was also between liquidity and inflation. Growth has kind of become a given with strong numbers posted by most data series. As liquidity has remained in  persistent deficit situation, RBI faced another tricky situation. This has been a major concern for many months now. RBI is comfortable with deficit liquidity around 1% of NDTL – which is about 53,000 Cr. This helps the tight monetary policy stance and helps the transmission process. But deficit liquidity has been over Rs 1,00,000 crore.

Here is how the trade-off looks. The measures to address liquidity are inflationary and vice-versa. There were number of permutations floating before the review statement was released (with most expecting a status quo on all rates):


ECB’s environment economics policy

December 16, 2010

European Central Bank released a superb report giving an assessment of the central bank’s environment policy.

The report shows how ECB has been conscious of the environment and making changes in its usage of energy, paper, carbon dioxide etc. It even tracks and measures how much each of these resources have been used in a year! It is also raising awareness in its staff on the several issues in the environment.

It details about ECB’s buildings, number of people in ECB, the  facilities in place which use environment electricity usage, air conditioner usage etc.


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