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Any Good Novels About Monetary Policy?

December 30, 2010

Economics Bloggers have been discussing this fun topic (HT: Tyler Cowen) – novels on monetary policy.

Erik Hayden summarises a few novels suggested by econs. In case one is bored reading the research, he can look towards these novels…:-)


Ronald Coase turns 100

December 30, 2010

Ronald Coase – One of the most influential individuals in economics (as he does not call himself an economist) of all time –  turned 100 on 29 December 2010. He gave us so many ideas despite not being an economist! His discoveries began with the question of why firms exist and introduced transaction and institutional economics to the world.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sir! Thank you for all your contribution to the field of economics .

See Coase institute and research being done under the same.

RBI releases its second financial stability report

December 30, 2010

RBI released its second FSR. This one is a must read for its excellent analysis and graphs.

Here is a broad summary:


Who stays on Chicago’s lakefront?

December 30, 2010

As per Mario Polese, Chicago is a B-resilient city. Meaning, it has not just survived shocks but changed for the better.

I was reading this interesting paper on Chicago’s urban development and factors for household choices on residential location in Chicago.


When Do Recessions Begin and End?

December 30, 2010

Kristie Engemann and Michael Owyang of St Louis Fed have a nice short crisp note on the topic.

The note says twp things.


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