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Academic Economists to Consider Ethics Code

January 3, 2011

In this superb NYT article (HT: Economix Blog) , Sewell Chan says econs are now thinking about working under a code. As many economists are on the board of some private sector firm, advise them, etc.

It might be prudent for them to disclose their role upfront:


Indian Economy Fortnightly Update

January 3, 2011

Here is the edition for 3 Jan 2011.

It covers following data released in previous fortnight:

  • Balance of Payments for Jul-Sep 10
  • Fiscal Deficit for Apr-Nov 10
  • CPI Inflation for Nov-10
  • Core Sector for Nov-10

The fortnight has been modified significantly and is in a new format. The idea is to make it shorter and crisper with focus on analysis. Let me know your feedback/comments if any.

Global imbalances in future – even more imbalanced

January 3, 2011

Andrew Haldane in this super speech looks at the global imbalances debate.

Stephanie Flanders on her blog helps me by writing all I wanted to write on the speech. So would not redo the whoe thing. Read Stephaine’s post instead.

All I can say is global imbalances is a highly complex subject and is likely to remain with us.

Remembering 2010

January 3, 2011

Here are some blogs/links which reflect on 2010 or the last decade:

Let me know others you have spotted..

Estonia becomes 17th member of EMU

January 3, 2011

In 2009, Slovakia became the 16th member. Now Estonia has adopted the Euro and becomes the 17th member.

ECB has some nice links on the transition to the new currency for residents of Estonia.

Krugman in his typical style asks – Congratulations to Estonia — or Maybe Condolences?

Analysis of Economics Textbooks

January 3, 2011

American Economic Association will have its annual program on Jan 6-9, 2011. As always, there are many programs.

Mankiw points to session on economic education and this superb paper which looks at Principles of writing an economics textbook. Paper is written by Jane Lopus and Lynn Paringer of California State University. .

In this paper, the authors look at what content goes into textbooks and its markets:


RBI to release sectoral allocation of credit

January 3, 2011

RBI steps its transparency further. It is not just in its policy documents but in all aspects of central banking.

It would now release  sectoral deployment of credit on a monthly basis. The data would be released with a one month lag. So, we have data till Nov-10. So apart from knowing the total credit, we know which sector the credit went to – industry (with industry metals, textiles etc) , services  (real estate, transport operators, tourism etc).


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