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The ubiquitous crony capitalist

January 17, 2011

This is the title of my new op-ed in Mint. Comments/suggestions are welcome.


I discovered an interesting nudge on talking with an editor on the edit pages of Mint.  I asked him to add the standard line at the end of the column saying “The views are of the author and may not belong to the organisation he works in.”

He replied saying this is not needed. All the articles in op-ed  by default mean they belong to the person. Hence that line is redundant. He added there are two exceptions and for them the end-line is carried. First for civil service officers because of their special job status. Second for investment managers so that people do not take a position based on the articles.

It just struck me this is an interesting nudge. The default strategy is not to include this line at the end. So, if only someone says the views are of the organisation, then only it will be mentioned. All op-eds by default are just that individual’s views. By choosing this default strategy redundancy is avoided.

Many magazines and newspapers do carry this end-line. It will just be nice to follow the Mint default strategy.

Annual Status of Education Report 2010

January 17, 2011

Pratham, released the Status of Education Report 2010. Gulzar summarises the report picking key tables and graphs. The summary is:

It reported a substantial increase in school enrolment figures but no visible improvement in the quality of education.

Internship Programme of the Department of Economic Affairs for 2011-12

January 17, 2011

Some visitors asked me about this DEA internship program for 2011-12. DEA has just announced the program for 2011-12

Interested students can apply.


The stipend for the program caught my eye. It has been Rs 5,000 since the program launch in 2007. Shouldn’t the stipend be adjusted with inflation as well? After all inflation management is one of the key topics of DEA internship and stipend always interests the students.

So, if aligned with inflation (just an academic exercise) how much should the stipend be? I just did some calculations based on WPI and CPI inflation since Jan-2007.


Europe crisis primer from Krugman

January 17, 2011

Though, this Europe crisis primer must  have been read by most. In case some have missed, please do. Not many can do a better job explaining economics in English as Paul Krugman does.

Gulzar summarises the primer. He also points to Angela Merkel’s continued Eurodenial.

Meanwhile Trichet in his latest interview says:


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