Join ICICI Fellows Programme..

Blogging is back after a short break.

ICICI Foundation launched this program in 2010- ICICI Fellows Programme, where it trains young talent to become future leaders. The applications for 2011 program have started. Last date is 31 December.

Program Profile:

In each and every sector, India needs talented young leaders who have had deep exposure to India’s broader realities, who understand the challenges and opportunities presented in diverse environments, and who have the skills and determination to discover and implement innovative ideas in these areas.

ICICI Fellows is a pioneering leadership programme that nurtures young talent to create a cadre of socially responsible leaders for India. This transformative two-year programme focuses on experiential learning. Fellows spend two years working on grassroots development projects with NGOs, interspersed with modules on management training and leadership development. The entire experience provides Fellows with knowledge, insight and commitment to inclusive growth. 

Upon completion the Fellows are equipped to take leadership positions across all sectors – private, government and civil society – to help India ‘take the bigger step’.  Over the last five decades, ICICI has been committed to India’s growth. This initiative aims to nurture the young talent that is needed to make this growth more inclusive.

 If you are selected as an ICICI Fellow, you will participate in the programme’s three complementary parts: Management Training , On-Site Learning  and Personal Development & Mentoring.

Last year about 17 people joined the program. See their experiences here. Looks pretty interesting. Check out the FAQs and other details on the website.

Pass on the word to the interested candidates.

2 Responses to “Join ICICI Fellows Programme..”

  1. nishi mohan Says:

    hi i need to join thiss … can i do so..?

  2. Balaji Prasath Says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am from Tamil Nadu, I already register for this program, after completion of the program, what to do sir. Please tell me about that.

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