No one dissents at in Jan-2011 FOMC ?

This blog got one possible prediction badly wrong (another reminder that this blog should not predict anything).

It had analysed in Nov 2011 that who would be FOMC members in 2011. It looked as  there will be more dissents with Richard Fisher of Dallas Fed, Narayana Kocherlakota of Minneapolis Fed and Charles Plosser of Philadelphia Fed joining the FOMC as voting members. All three are seen as hawks and argued in their own way that easy monetary policy will not help problems in  US economy.

However, that did not happen in Jan 26 2011 meeting. Are they preferring not to walk the talk? Or have they moderated their stance since the previous talks? Not really as Plosser recently made the same point.

It takes me back to a 2009 post where I noticed similar not walking the talking by Fed members. Though, Hoenig talked and dissented bigtime in 2010 as he became a voting member. May be we will see their dissent later.

One Response to “No one dissents at in Jan-2011 FOMC ?”

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