Trying to nudge people into yoga training

At a conference, the organisers provided free yoga training in the morning to the attendees. However, there were very hardly any takers. The low attendance was surprising and the trainer was miffed.

I suggested to change the default strategy. Instead of letting people opt in for the yoga training let them opt-out of it. Hence, instead of mentioning yoga as just a free facility and asking people to attend, make it a part of the program schedule. So, in the program schedule mention yoga training upfront nudging people to attend it.

It was thrilling to think of it and suggest it. However, it is unlikely to be implemented for the administration issues. But it was satisfying to think on those lines…

One Response to “Trying to nudge people into yoga training”

  1. yoga courses Says:

    I agree. Yoga should not be used as a “freebie” to entice people to try it out. Make it part of the program so that people would really do it.

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