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Linking agri productivity of India, Peru and France

February 28, 2011

Dani Rodrik has a superb post on the same.

He along with co-researchers discovers  U-shaped pattern of agri productivity:



Effective Revenue deficit – a new measure/jargon in Indian public finances

February 28, 2011

Understanding the Union Budget in entirety remains a major challenge despite many attempts in the past . With so many numbers and concepts and linkages of various tables and items, it is a mind-boggling exercise .

I will try and post more on the  budget as I again fine comb the budget documents  for FY 2011-12.

This year the government has decided to introduce a new measure for estimating true revenue deficit  – Effective revenue deficit.

In his speech, the FM said people say  revenue deficit remains sticky.


State of India’s social development indicators…

February 28, 2011

A follow up to the previous post on microfoundations of India’s macroeconomic growth.

The economic survey has another interesting chapter – Human Development, Equity and Environment. In this a nice overview of India”s social development indicators is provided.


FinMin’s Economic Survey is fine with teaser home loan products

February 28, 2011

Indian Ministry  of Finance (MoF) tabled Economic Survey in 2010-11 on Friday (25-Feb-11). The survey is an annual update by MoF on Indian economy just ahead of its budget.

Much of the document is just a repeat on various updates on Indian economy we get from various sources – RBI, PM’s Economic Advisory Council, IMF and various private sector sources. Still, it is a nice decent read.

However, Just like we saw in previous survey, this year’s survey has two interesting chapters. First is titled – Micro-Foundations of Macroeconomic Developement and second is Human Development, Equity and Environment. The first chapter talks about some microeconomic aspects which could help improve macro performance. Second chapter shows details our socio-economic profile which is really worrisome. I will just cover both the chapters in brief.

Micro-Foundations of Macroeconomic Developement is a strange report. It gives some interesting insights on some issues but disappoints on others.

Some interesting insights first:


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