Do summer internship at Ministry of Statistics 2011-12

After DEA, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation has initiated its summer internship program. Last date of the application is 31 Mar 2010. The total number of internships on offer are 130.

There will be two locations for internships – Delhi (proposed number – 24 ) and Kolkata (proposed number- around 106).

Interested students should apply. Pass on the message to others interested in the porogram. It should be a good learning.


5 Responses to “Do summer internship at Ministry of Statistics 2011-12”

  1. priya Says:

    Thanks for this information. I really interested to do this internships. I would surely share this internship requirements with my friends.Found a couple of other site givin good info on internships .. check out:
    Pls let me know if you find more

  2. Moola navya Says:

    hello, i’m navya studying integrated MA at HYDERABAD CENTRAL UNIVERSITY 3rd year my main subject is economics
    I am interested to do project in any topics regarded to economics.

  3. kirti Says:

    thank you for giving such information

  4. Vaibhav Says:

    currently m doin an internship wid Birla Sun Life. I want to do an Internship in govt. sector. can anyone give me any info. regarding the options i’ll have during november to feb.?

  5. ruhi Says:

    thanks for the information.i am intrested in doing internship.

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