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Could We Have Learned from the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98?

March 4, 2011

Galina Hale of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco writes a nice short paper on the topic.

She says though the 1997-98 and 2007 crisis are similar there are some major differences. Moreover, the regulatory changes brought after 1997-98 crisis were not really enough to contain the 2007 crisis because of the differences.



NHB Residex update

March 4, 2011

NHB-Residex data has been released for Jul-Sep 2010 quarter. This blog said earlier this data should be tracked closely but hardly anyone covers it.

The data shows prices seem to have eased in most cities in Jul-Sep 2010 quarter. This is typically the inflation paradox. The indices and numbers would say inflation ahs eased but public doesn’t feel anything like that. They only see prices rising.

The change in price index in different cities is as follows:


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