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All Brrookings papers online

March 23, 2011

Brookings Papers on Economic Activity or BPEA as it is popularly called has put all its previous papers online for free (HT Krugman). So you have papers beginning from 1970 onwards.

There have been  some amazing/landmark papers presented in the past here. So loads to read and follow up…

IMF programs usually relieve austerity rather than make it worse

March 23, 2011

This is another of the surprising papers/speeches by a noted economist.

Ken Rogoff of Harvard says IMF lending programs are wrongly accused of pushing the countries into fiscal austerity drive. Infact IMF imposes much lesser stringent conditions than other lenders would impose! Rogoff says IMF does not go to countries but countries come to IMF. The countries susuaully goto IMF whwn all other options have been exhausted. Given the situation, IMF lends on more favorable conditions than other private sector lenders..


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