Celebrating Easter at Bank of England!

Central Banks are doing amazing things these days. Apart from serrious stuff of revamping their mon policy, they are aslo doing some fun stuff.

BoE is planning to organise an event in Easter holidays for the whole family:

During the Easter break (11-15 & 18-21 April) the Museum presents Put all your eggs in one basket, a special event to entertain the whole family. There will be a treasure trail to find eggs hidden in the Museum, with a chocolate egg for every child who takes part. Children can also indulge their imagination by creating and decorating their own Easter basket to take home.

A family fun day out is guaranteed with all the other museum attractions including banknote jigsaws, a roller ball game, interactive displays and the opportunity for some safe cracking. You can also take control of a virtual hot air balloon and chart it on a stable course to simulate the role of the Bank in keeping inflation steady. Visitors can even try to lift a genuine gold bar with a current value of over £340,000 –although, weighing 13kg, it will take many people by surprise!

Activity sheets for children of all ages are available at the Museum’s Information Desk, with a small prize for all those who take part.

Admission and all activities are free.

All these games help children in playful ways undersand central banking and role of money. It will be interesting to do some experiments here as well and figure whether children are learning while having fun…

BoE keeps having such exhibitions/events

2 Responses to “Celebrating Easter at Bank of England!”

  1. soe Says:

    Quote: “Visitors can even try to lift a genuine gold bar with a current value of over £340,000 –although, weighing 13kg, it will take many people by surprise!”

    It would surprise them even more if BoE tells them how much the 13 kg gold bar costed 5 years ago, or 50 years ago. That would put “keeping inflation steady” in a much different light!

  2. British Central Bank Concerned About PR « Study of Economics Says:

    […] the Bank of England, the central bank of the UK, is planning some PR actions during this Easter. The announcement informs us that visitors to these events will have an opportunity to try to lift a gold bar: “You can […]

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