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Iron fortified Iodized Salt to be promoted to battle malnutrition

April 23, 2011

From a  PMO press release:

A meeting was held in the Prime Minister’s Office on the promotion of consumption of Iron fortified Iodized Salt as a measure to deal with malnutrition in the country. The meeting held on 18.4.2011 was chaired by the Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and was attended by the officers of Ministries of Health, Women and Child Development, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Director of National Institute of Nutrition and a Member of the Prime Minister’s National Council on India’s Nutrition Challenges. 

The following points were noted and discussed : 

i. The prevalence of anaemia in majority of India’s population, particularly among adolescent girls, women and children, is a major public health challenge and it should be tackled urgently. Anaemia is caused by inadequate intake and poor absorption of iron. Anaemia can be prevented and cured by promoting consumption of iron rich foods and iron supplements. One cost effective way of increasing the intake of iron is fortification of salt with iron in addition to iodine. 

ii. The National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, has developed technologies for the double fortification of salt with iodine and iron. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has issued gazette notification prescribing the legal standard for double fortified salt. The NIN has also shared the technology with some of the salt manufacturers by signing MoU with them. 

iii. Before moving towards mandatory double fortification of salt, which is a desirable goal to aspire for in future, Government, may promote the consumption and production of DFS through effective communication campaign, mandating its use in Government sponsored food and nutrition programmes like ICDS, Mid-day-Meals, etc., and by supplying DFS through the Public Distribution System. The Government could also encourage salt manufacturers to invest in technology by making a clear policy statement about the Government’s intent of promoting the use of DFS. 

Actions on the following lines were agreed upon:


RBI asks banks to set up countercyclical provisioning buffer

April 23, 2011

RBI in its recent notice notes some banks  have higher  provisions than required for meeting non-performing assets.

RBI asks such banks to move these surplus funds towards setting a countercyclical provisioning buffer to be used during downturns.


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