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Interview of Dean Karlan

April 27, 2011

Dean Karlan of Yale University and a researcher on Poverty and Development has released a new book – More than Good intentions (co authored with Jacob Appel).

Economix has an interview of the duo. Karlasn says micro credit does not really help small/poor entrepreneurs. It actually helps the employed more than the employers:


Better education through improved eyesight

April 27, 2011

Stephen Dubner from Freakonomics has this superb coverage of how researchers raised test scores in rural China with the help of new spectacles for every kid in need.

It is basically a transcript of radio interview between Dubner and Researchers who worked on the problem.


World Bank blog on impact evaluations

April 27, 2011

World Bank has another useful blog – Development Impact . The blog looks at News, views, methods, and insights from the world of impact evaluation. So you get loads of information here on latest studies etc.

The first post says:

Welcome to our new blog about impact evaluation. The number of impact evaluations both within and outside the World Bank have increased dramatically in recent years (see Figure below). The World Bank’s DIME initiative reports the number of active impact evaluations at the World Bank has increased from a couple of dozen in 2004 to over 250 in 2010. As a result, there are more producers and more consumers of impact evaluations than ever before – and more questions about how to conduct evaluations, what we are learning from these evaluations, and what can be done to learn more from them.

This blog has been set up by members of the Development Research Group at the World Bank to provide a forum for discussing these issues.

Our goal is to cover a broad range of issues relating to impact evaluations, including:

  • Summaries, critiques,  and discussions of new research papers
  • Discussions of ongoing and planned evaluations
  • Methodological issues in doing experimental and non-experimental evaluations
  • Stories and puzzles from fieldwork

We want this blog to be something that is useful to both producers and consumers of impact evaluations, which can provide an opportunity for serious discussion and sharing of experiences. We hope to have a range of guest bloggers from both inside and outside the World Bank.  We encourage all readers to not only participate in the discussions by commenting on blog posts, but also sending ideas and materials for blogs, as well as for guest blogging.

Please let us know in the comments any ideas you have for pressing issues to discuss, or topics you would like to see covered in future posts.

It started on 1st April 2011 and there are already 18 posts. Most posts have some good insights/discussions/challenges. Must add to the favorites list..

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