Nudging people to use gmail

Google has this new website which nudges people into shifting their emails to Gmail. So in case your friends/colleagues etc have not moved/switched to gmail, you can try and nudge them into using.

There are three steps by which you can choose your friends (from your mailing list) and send them a personal invite for the same.

They nicely call it intervention:

You’ve probably already improved the lives of your friends and family members by helping them switch to Gmail, but what about that one friend who still hasn’t made the switch? It’s time to take a stand and stage an intervention.

Will be nice to know people who have switched to gmail nudged this way..

3 Responses to “Nudging people to use gmail”

  1. Div I Says:

    Yes, I wonder if this “coaxing/cajoling” technique of Google is going to fetch them the desired output! I find it very naive and unattractive, a marketing intervention. But given the situation that there are few other email service providers better than gmail, it just might work! Yahoo has been compelling their users to upgrade their mail boxes to the beta version; failing which they suggest an auto-up-gradation; which is not preferred by the “classic” lover users of yahoo mail.

  2. PB Says:

    I am thinking of diversifying out of google. Google already knows too much about me.

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