Increasing awareness on food wastage via school curriculum

Catch them young as they say. There are efforts being done to teach children about finance at a young age so they can save and spend wisely when their time comes. RBI has been coordinating with state governments to push financial markets syllabus at school level. SEBI is also doing the same directly with schools.

Lately, Indian government has been trying to control food wastage in wedding parties and celebrations. To sensitise people in not wasting food, it is now planning to teach children not to waste food.

Minister of for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, Prof. K.V. Thomas, has written to Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Shri Kapil Sibal as well as all State Education Ministers requesting them to include the subject of food wastage in syllabus of Secondary and Higher Secondary curriculum. Inclusion of a chapter on this topic in social sciences syllabus, on lines of Environmental awareness or Disaster Management, will go a long way in making children conscious of this important issue from the very growing age, he said. Prof. Thomas requested Shri Sibal to ensure that at the national level NCERT take action through the National Curriculum Framework(NCF) while at the State level he urged similar action by the individual State Boards.

Confronted with the large quantities of food being wasted on marriages, parties and different social gatherings while millions of people go hungry in the country, Minister said that he had recently held a meeting of eminent citizens, legislators, activists and experts to discuss the problem and to suggest remedial measures. He said that a large number of dishes served in such lavish parties exhibit vulgar display of wealth emphasizing that expenditure on such occasions put pressure on prevailing prices of foodgrains leading to inflation and scarcity.

During the meeting it was unanimously resolved that a special media campaign be mounted to sensitize the citizens against such extravagant expenditure and wastage of food. Further, a need to sensitize students and young citizens regarding avoidable food wastage was stressed by all stake-holders. The meeting also decided to engage Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) to conduct a survey so as to assess the magnitude of the problem.

Well, this is indeed laudable. However, in India most families anyways tell and urge children not to waste food. So lessons may not be coming from school but do come from home front.  

However, what should one say on tonnes of food being wasted in ahem govt. godowns? I think that should be the first priority as many a times multiplied wastage is happening there.




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