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Dan Ariely picks 5 books to read on Behavioural Economics

September 14, 2011

Dan Ariely gives this superb interview on the

His five books:

He has something to suggest for McDonalds recent move to offer calorie count on its menus  in India. The research I pointed showed calorie count in NY worked. Based on this, it did not and people actually ignored it:



25 Economics Blogs anyone can appreciate

September 14, 2011

Kaitlyn Cole of online universities sends me this superb list of top 25 economics blogs to follow and read.

Some people keep asking em to send a list of blogs to read. This one could be added to favorites right away.

Mostly Economics is not there though. Needs to work harder to feature in these lists….:-)


Profile of Elinor Ostrom

September 14, 2011

This is a superb profile of Elinor Ostrom, the political scientist who won the Nobel Prize for economics and was also the first woman to do so.

She observed that tragedy of commons (where people could use the finite natural resources without showing much concern for its depletion) was not really true. People can cooperate (and have cooperated) to solve the tragedy in many common areas. This idea of studying the institutional structure of commons became her central study.

First, how she could have easily not been a political scientist/economist? Her mother did not think going to college was important:


McDonalds India to post calories on its menus…

September 14, 2011

I pointed to this wonderful paper on how calorie posting at Starbucks in NY led people to consume lower calories. A nudge which leads to better health..

The same experiment is to be done in India as well. Mcdonalds has decided to list calorie counts of all its foods on menus within next 45 days. It has been under pressure from activists for nudging people into having more fat food and being responsible for rising.

It has implemented this posting calorie in UK and US and now in India. It will be implemented in all 235 stores:


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