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Which economies recover faster? Bank based or market based?

September 16, 2011

IMF econs Julien Allard and Rodolphe Blavy write this nice paper on the same.

It finds that market-based economies experience significantly and durably stronger rebounds than the bank-based ones. Further, stronger recoveries also tend to be associated with broader economic flexibility. However in case of financial crisis, MBS find it more difficult to recover compared to BBS.

More precisely:



Linking Corporate boards and Great Depression..

September 16, 2011

Another superb aspect of Great Depression.

John R. Graham, Sonali Hazarika and Krishnamoorthy Narasimhan writes this nice paper on the topic.

How did corporate boards react to the Great depression? Did they lower debt or pile more trying to cover losses? Was the board useful? Did they fire more people? They answer these qs in this nice paper.


Investing in Mumbai’s Politicians’ Fund…

September 16, 2011

I just wrote a while ago how investors keep being taken for a ride by active fund managers. This is common everywhere whether in India or US.

Now atleast we in India  have a solution. There is an ongoing study in economic department of Mumbai University – Unraveling corruption in India: Politicians in the spotlight. The study shows  Mumbai-based politicians make more returns than the city as a whole. The study is not out but you have some findings in HT:


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