RBI nudging to use its online database

RBI’s handbook of stats on Indian economy is easily the best comprehensive data you have on Indian economy. The data is neatly divided into different headings and you get long time seris for each data classified differently and so on.

Till 2001., you  got an option to see the data in 3 formats. For instance if you are seeing Table 1 : Macro-Economic Aggregates (At Current Prices) in 2009-10 handbook, you could see it in three ways:

Now with its 2010-11 handbook (which is the latest), RBI giving you only html and pdf formats. For excel dataa, you now have to go to RBI’s online database – called RBI’s Data Warehouse. It says:
Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy 2010-11
(Note: To obtain the tables in Excel file format, please access the Real Time Handbook of Statistics on the Indian Economy)
This database has been there for a while but RBI gave this handbook data in excel file earlier. Now, it wants you yo use this online database for excel files..
This utility has not been widely used and is not very user friendly. It takes a long time and pulling data etc from different categories is a difficult task. It is not as friendly as its handbook link.
However, this online database is real time and hence you get updated time-series etc. Earlier, you just had the data revised on an annual basis. Now, IIP, WPI, GDP etc are updated as they are released by various statistical agencies.
But given it is not as user friendly, this nudge to use it will not really be welcome by users.
Infact, RBI should convert this online database like St Louis Fed’s  Fred Database where one can generate graphs, pull data etc in an easy way. Then this nudge will be welcome  by all.

One Response to “RBI nudging to use its online database”

  1. St Louis Fed’s FRED Stats System and RBI’s DBIE system « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] RBI even tried to push/nudge people into using DBIE by pushing excel files download utility to DBIE. So you could download PDfs from main databases/handbooks, but for excel you had to go to DBIE. And yes, it was updated for most data. […]

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