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Linking National Small Savings Fund Flows with Fiscal Deficit

October 7, 2011

Blogging has been weak thanks  to this new paper. The paper took  a toll trying to figure the flows and the numbers involved.

Hope this paper provides some clarity over the recent issue of govt. raising its borrowing program by Rs 52,800 cr for H2 2011-12. The primary reason given for this increase was shortfall in NSSF which means govt. needs to raise money from market borrowings. This linkage was interesting and a deep dive helped understand a lot about flow of fiscal balances.

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How people branded their wares during industrial revolution

October 7, 2011

What a paper from Gary Richardson of UC Irvine. Various facets and findings of economic history remain amazingly fascinating.

In this paper, author  looks at how people branded or assured people of their products’ quality during industrial revolution. Commerce surely prospered minus the brands/copyrights we have today. How was this done? Moreover, there was huge concern then over copying and poor quality and there was no legal mechanism by which producers could sue imitators and consumers could not sue producers for poor quality and mis-sellling.

The author says guilds/manufacturing associations was the answer:


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