Which is the richest state in India?

In this KBC season, one needs to be equipped with questions of all kinds especially on Indian states, history, geography etc.

Deepak Mohanty of RBI in this speech says Goa is the richest State in India. The speech is a snapshot of the Goan economy and financial system and is a nice one.

The scenic state of Goa is the 25th state in the union of states of India. It covers 0.11 per cent of the total geographical area of the country and accounts for a similar share of 0.12 per cent of national population. However, it has a much larger share of 0.4 per cent of all-India net domestic product (NDP).This explains why Goa is the richest state in India with a per capita income of almost three times that of the average for the country as a whole. It was ranked the best state by the Eleventh Finance Commission for its infrastructure. It also ranked at the top for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population. The India Human Development Report 2011 ranked Goa as fourth in terms of overall human development in the country. The lushness of its landscape, geographical and ecological diversity and cultural richness make Goa a travelers’ paradise. Notwithstanding these achievements, Goa faces several developmental challenges, including in the areas of banking and finance.

It is important to have a well-functioning financial system for sustainable economic development. While the Reserve Bank has been actively engaged in the development of the financial sector, it has stepped up its efforts in recent years to enhance the penetration of the formal financial sector and promote financial inclusion with a view to improving the well-being of our society. In this regards, the Reserve Bank has been undertaking special initiatives for extending the outreach of banking facilities in the state. Against this background, I propose to briefly outline the economic and financial structure of the state as well as highlight various financial inclusion initiatives taken by the Reserve Bank. In conclusion, I shall present some thoughts on policy challenges ahead.

Couple of other points:

  • Goa economy has a higher share of industry compared to India. It is more of an industrial state.
  • The state of agriculture in the economy has worsened. It has some key crops like cashew, grapes etc which needs to be encouraged.  Agri also helps diversify the economy.
  • Inflation in Goa higher than Average India since 2005.
  • Fiscal Deficit numbers worsened post crisis (Just a q – has foreign tourism declined in Goa post crisis??)
  • Socio economic profile is impressive with higher literacy rates, better sex ratio and health indicators
  • Financial development is still not as great. RBI taking some efforts to improve this
Overall, it has huge potential which needs to be realised with the right kind of policy mix and thrust.
I don’t know whether this can happen so just taking a wild shot. RBI should encourage heads of various regional offices to share research/speeches on their regions and should be put up on RBI website. Will help understand India better. It is a very large country and  mostly we get all India aggregate picture. There is a need to understand regional economy as well..

37 Responses to “Which is the richest state in India?”

  1. Nilesh Says:

    Its Chandigarh…………but it is a UT.
    refer to this post – http://techinfoguru.com/richest-state-in-india

  2. prashant Says:


  3. Rob Says:

    Here is a list of ‘sample’ prices in Goa…


    pretty much the same as other states, the main variations come when you want service related items, this is where they add the most ‘tax’ / ‘profit’… Enjoy




    maharashtra is richest and dominating state what everybody knows so please dont lie to yourself!

  6. Ganesh Says:

    gujarat is the richest state of india. Sharma Ganesh from ahmedabad

  7. rajan Says:


  8. ha Says:

    andhra pradesh is the richiest state in india

  9. tarun Says:

    andhra pradesh is the richiest state in india

  10. Kutti Kumar Says:

    Tamil Nadu is Richiest state in India.

  11. SURABHI Says:


  12. amol Says:

    Fact is with Maharashtra…. Check any authentic source!

  13. purna sharma Says:

    Sikkim is the No. 1 state of India..

  14. proud teluguite Says:

    Andhra pradesh is in top if we live urbanisation….top in agriculture,pharmacy,textiles,stones,cement production…2nd in IT sector….overall Maharastra is top followed by Andhrapradesh

    • kiran Says:

      Andhra Pradesh is richest….kg basin richest natural gas dicovery in the world is in Andhra Pradesh…mukesh ambani invested 75% of his property in this project…i do no abt developed

  15. sunil kumar Says:

    odisha is richest state of india

  16. siddesh parab Says:

    Goa is Great!! Proud to be Goan!! 🙂

  17. thftjhfg Says:

    karnataka is number1

  18. Dipam Says:

    Goa is the richest state in india

  19. sabyasachi panda Says:

    jay hind

  20. sabyasachi panda Says:

    odisha is the richest state in india all minerals and agriculture ancient name of kalinga and utkal birth place of subhash chandra bose , bijupatnaik in cuttack city all is well (himanshu panda,badabarena,badamba,cuttack)jay hind


    orissa is the father of all states accordingly to the wealth and minings,industries etc

  22. rahul Says:


  23. naveen jangra Says:

    and har field me sabse dhansu state HARYANA………..sports ho chahe buissness militry ho ya paramilitry sab me jai HARYANA…………

  24. karthikeyan Says:

    tamil nadu is richest

  25. satya ranjan behera Says:


  26. sabyasachi panda Says:

    Odisha is top investment destination in india because no1mineral rich state only odisha top IT hub capital city of bhubaneswar odisha india …bhubaneswar became IT capital of india now sillicon valley in india ….bhubaneswar is morden india’s first planned city…cleanest and greenest city ..nick name-bhubaneswar temple city of india world bank reports bhubaneswar 3rd best place in india to do business (tier1 city rank by bhubaneswar) ((himanshu:badabarena:……cuttack bhubaneswar)

  27. pinku ravish Says:


  28. akhil Says:

    andhra pradesh is the richest state in india

  29. Sanu Says:

    no doubt it is odisha…..completely covered with rich minerals..countless rivers and hills…less crime ….less vote bank…The only prob is govt unable to talk propely with land lord to give land to investors from abroad….otherwise without any second thought..Odisha is richest state….

  30. aabidhusain Says:

    Hi guys. I am aabid from kashmir …..kashmir is the beautiful state of india

  31. Pradeep Sharma Says:

    no doubt, Gujrat is No.-1 state in India.

  32. dennis khikhar Says:

    Every body nows that Punjab is a richest state of india.

  33. ihsan Says:

    Everyone says their state is the richest……….
    silly people
    hold your hands together to make bihar , up , jarkand , assam etc rich !!!
    And then argue to other nations…..
    INDIA IS RICH !!!!!!!
    Anyways , the actual answer for the question is kerala surely…….. 😉 :p

  34. shashikuma vs Says:

    Karanataka is the no1 richast state in india

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