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Five books to understand econometrics

November 7, 2011

Mark Thoma picks his five books to read on the most dreaded subject of economics – econometrics. Three are from Thoams Sargent:

There is a lot of plain English talking explainin key techniques etc for ecotrics. First some basics:

Thinking about India economy via global/domestic matrix

November 7, 2011

Subir Gokarn of RBI dons the thinking cap once in a few months and gives a speech which helps you think through several issues.

Just a few months ago, he spoke on the protein inflation issue which has taken the policy by the storm telling us about several things happening in India. Rising incomes, rising demand, better profile leading to higher consumption of protein based items. Because these items are in limited supply, it has led to persistent rise in food inflation.

In this new speech (which I attended but could not hear properly), he helps you think through growth in Indian economy and challenges ahead.


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