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Why Growth is a means to development, not an end in itself

November 9, 2011

A superb long essay by Amartya Sen and Jean Dreaze which people should read (and criticise).

They says India is a puzzling story of one of the highest growth but also really poor social indicators (this is something this blog has argued many times). So much so, it is perhaps the only case in history of econ development:


Impact of Nobel Prize Winners in Economics: Mainline vs. Mainstream

November 9, 2011

Peter J. Boettke, Alexander Fink and Daniel J. Smith divide Economics Nobel Prize winners into two types – Mainline and Mainstream.

Mainline are theoretical types which have build on the legacy of Adam Smith and Ricardo. Mainstream ones work on areas which are fashionable and could be far off from the mainline economists:


Greece vs California : institutional differences

November 9, 2011

Rodrik writes this nice post on the topic.

He says though Europe has some superb instis but all are work in progress. It is unfortunate the crisis occurred in Europe at this time when the instis were evolving and there were gaps between them.


100 most powerful people in finance

November 9, 2011 complies a list of 100 most powerful person in finance.

Tim Cook of Apple tops the list with Eric Cantor, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and Mario Draghi following in 2 to 5.

In top 10 you have three central bankers – Bernanke, Draghi and Zhou Xiochuan of PBoC.

Interesting list..

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