EMU policymakers communication policy – hide the important and disclose the trivial

Recent statements from various EMU policymakers have been nothing short of theatric and chaotic.

They come out with some bailout plan and do not disclose important  details. Markets figure out themselves and realize it is all zombie and fudged and again it is back to same. This has been on since 2010 and nothing has changed.

So how does one react to this press release from European Council:

Statement by President of the European Council
Herman Van Rompuy
after a phone call with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti

I had this morning a phone conversation with the new Italian President of the Council of Ministers, professor Mario Monti. We discussed the situation in the euro area and particularly in Italy. 

I expressed the EU’s full confidence on the Italian capacity to overcoming its current situation and to fully contribute to solving the euro area financial crisis. 

We agreed to continue our discussion in a meeting in Brussels next week.

Is this needed? What does it disclose and what is the purpose?

All people can say on reading this is “Thank you, we atleast know you ministers are talking”…


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