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Making economics a fun thing to learn

November 21, 2011

Making economics a fun thing to learn – is the objective of U of Texas Austin economist – Daniel Hamermesh.

Here is a superb interview where he also picks 5 books which could help learn economics along with some fun.

Here is an example of how one can learn about economics nearly everywhere:


Economic modelling of counterfeiting currency

November 21, 2011

This short review from Ben Fung and Enchuan Shao on the topic is so exciting to read. Frankly, I was unaware of some real good research in this area.

Canada recently issued Polymer currency notes. They are  expected to be more secure, green (as in uses less carbon footprint) and last longer as well. BoC has been at work for a while to issue these polymer notes and the moment has come. More denomination notes to follow. There has been some useful research as well on the issue and this recent note is another fine example.

In this review, the authors explain how do economics really think about currency counterfeiting. There are two models- partial equilbrium and general equilibrium:


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