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Following your passion is the key to success

November 23, 2011

Came across two nice articles.

First on Steve Jobs who loved  design and style and followed it to give us the superb apple products.

And second one on how a Phyics grad at Harvard shifted to writing comedy.

Initially, both were seen as careers which few appreciate. But got them  fame bundled with tons of money ..

Is taking risk a useful economic activity?

November 23, 2011

Andrew G Haldane of BoE has been criticising financial sector and its too big to fail burden.

In this article with Vasileios Madouros he explains some key ideas behind his thought. He says before the crisis everyone believed finance added huge value but this has crashed post-crisis. Why? He says the value of finance was overvalued to begin with.


How much capital do European banks need?

November 23, 2011

Viral Acharya of NYU does a real good job of putting numbers to the hot financial problems. He is more like a market economist working in financial firms and not really a university.

In a recent article along with Dirk Schoenmaker and  Sascha Steffen he estimates the capital needed by European banks. Apart from this the trio also tells you why the recent measures by EU policymakers are just plain wrong.

First, why the recent measures to prop up banks are wrong?  EU policymakers said:


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