How Occupy Wall Street movement is changing menu prices

Superb post from WSJ Blog. Some guys are really creative and marketing savvy:

Occupy Wall Street, if it’s done nothing else, has put its 99% vs. the 1% mantra into conversations all over the country.

At BLT Steak, a Washington restaurant just a block off the well-known K Street lobbyists’ corridor known for its politically themed burgers, the menu offers “The 99%,” a 6 oz. cheeseburger with, of course, American cheese on whole grain bread. Price: $9.99.

It also offers “The 1%.” It is described on the menu as an “8 oz. Kobe burger, braised Kobe short rib, foie gras, gold leaf, Grey Poupon.”

The price: $58.

Am sure even the 1% guys will go for the 99% burger…such are the times..

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