IDBI Bank crosses 1 LAKH facebook fans…

I was surprised to receive this email from IDBI Bank which said it has reached 1oo,000 fans on its facebook page.

The message says (with the background of its elephant ad picture):

We thank you all for your support IDBI Bank now has 100000 facebook fans…and growing….

Add a special touch to our celebrations

Check out our Facebook page now

  • Know more about our products
  • Get info about the financial sector
  • Participate in exciting quiizzes and contests to win exclusive merchandise

Like us on Facebook and become a Fan now..

All I could do is smile.

Banks  now seem to be looking not just increasing its branch customers but also its facebook fans.. And that too coming from a public sector bank is like a real welcome surprise..

How banks like IDBI are using social networks to brand themselves is interesting to see. What could be more interesting is to understand the bank’s  facebook fans. Are they bank’s customers or have just clicked on Like IDBI facebook page as normal surfers?  This is important as brand connection will be higher for bank’s customers against casual surfers. Do people connect with IDBI Bank brand via its facebook page and vice-versa? Does facebook change the image of a public sector bank and is seen as a savvy, young-generation bank?


One Response to “IDBI Bank crosses 1 LAKH facebook fans…”

  1. Sukumar Jena Says:

    Really Its a good news.. Now a days social media is very powerful and effective …

    I had gone through IDBI Facbook page ..Currently its crossed 719,301 likes · 2,664 talking about this ..

    Really amazing ..
    Thanks to IDBI and thanks for all audience…

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