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Large Fiscal Consolidation Attempts in the Past and Implications for Policymakers Today

December 16, 2011

IMF economists discuss the findings from their recent book on the subject in this IMF bulletin. Not surprisingly, most such adjustments are made on the revenue side. very little and few countries manage cuts in expenditure side..

Apart from this there is discussion on 2 more issues – Booms and Busts and  Did Export Diversification Soften the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis?

IMF bulletins are always a useful read..

Evolution of Fed’s dual mandate

December 16, 2011

Aaron Steelman of Richmond Fed writes this superb history of Fed’s dual mandate.

It is very interesting to note how this mandate has shifted between inflation to employment from time to time.

Fed got its mandate in 1975 but discussions on Fed’s mandate started around 1945 post Great Depression. At that time it was more on employment and econs felt it did not have anything on inflation:


Understanding diversity and unity of India through a Cricketer’s lens

December 16, 2011

What a speech from rahul Dravid. he surely is Prof in making and has a career post cricket as a professional speaker/team builder etc.

His speech is at the 2011 Bradman  Oration and dons many a hats – historian, economist, political scientist and of course various issues hitting cricket . I am just wondering who has written the speech and hoping Dravid has contributed greatly to it.

First Indo-Australia historical relations:


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