National Food Security Bill: A discussion

This is the title of my new paper. It look at the economics of the bill and the debates so far.

Comments/suggestions are always welcome..


3 Responses to “National Food Security Bill: A discussion”

  1. Saurabh Says:

    A well researched and equally well written paper, Amol. It does answer a lot of questions. Like all government schemes intention may be good but the implementation may be poor.
    Certainly as you have stated UID could be a important tool to enable this scheme. One thing that could increase its effectiveness could be increased participation of local government and monitoring panel comprising of the citizens.
    The abject poverty in which Indians dwell is well signified by the very definition of the poverty in India. Where a person owning a car may yet be classified as a poor in a developed country but in India a poverty is classified on the basis of calorific intake. In such a senario food security act is achieving both the functions delivering the population from hunger and erasing the poverty ( at least theoretically).

    • Amol Agrawal Says:

      Great comments bro and thanks for the appreciation as always. Yeah it is always the fight between intent and implement. Defining poverty and identifying poor is going to be a challenge always. Yes, decentralisation and local participation is the way but somehow they have not been as effective. More accountability, transparency etc is needed at local level as well.

  2. Brain Sick Says:

    Food security bill will not help poor in anyways but it will create a monsterous scam and ineffciency in maintaining it…..
    Economy of the country will take a hit and political class will not oppose the bill as it might look like they are opposing poor, they right to get things for free…

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