Lessons from Tamil Nadu’s Road Safety system

World Bank  has implemented a project to improve road safety in TN (pdf here).

They have developed a software which is fully web-based. This system is called Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS).

So when there is an accident, the first  agency (usually the police) logs in the website and plugs in the data of accident details.  This is reached via emails to the other agencies (transport, highways etc) which then come to the site to do their duties. For instance the transport person will fill in vehicle details and highways looks at the highway in general that is width of the road etc.

This web-based system has done away with paper system of FIR and has helped generate a hige database which generates instant reports on which road more prone to accidents, traffic congestions etc . The coordination between agencies has improved and senior police official incharge of the project.

RADMS produces over 60 standard reports and allows users to create their own reports using any of the fields entered in the Accident Report Form. Accordingly, road traffic accident reports can be generated district-wise on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis, identifying the times and days of the week when most accidents take place, the most frequent types of crashes at these sites, the kind of vehicles most frequently involved, the most common causes of the accidents such as road and weather conditions, alcohol use, etc. The broad range of analytical data generated enables the authorities to plan and implement  appropriate remedial measures.

Impact has been better roads, lesser accidents and better allocation of budget resources.


The RADMS software is constantly being improved. It is soon planned to provide a hand-held GPS devise to each police station, enabling personnel to enter details at the accident spot itself. The device will automatically pick up the date, time, and spot where the accident happened. Efforts are also on to link the system with medical facilities for quick attention to accident victims.

Should be implemented in other states as well..Blog Visitors from Chennai kindly tell us whether the system is working as well as specified in the case..


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