Happy New Year wishes to all and Mostly Economics 2011 in review

Wishing all the Mostly economics visitors a very happy new year.

WordPress helps generate this yearly review report. It starts as:

London Olympic Stadium holds 80,000 people. This blog was viewed about 360,000 times in 2011. If it were competing at London Olympic Stadium, it would take about 5 sold-out events for that many people to see it.

🙂 That is just awesome for a description and a great confidence booster.  360,000 is huge in an year. The blog actually touched 1 million views since its start in Apr-07.

The five most popular posts are:

Most visitors are from India, followed by US and UK which is again amazing. Thanks to all for coming. Keep the comments and suggestions flowing. Wordpress started this email subscription facility which was started around 2 months ago. There are some 203 subscribers now which is just great. Thanks to all the subscribers.

Hope Mostly economics can point to more interesting research and economic developments in 2012. It will be completing 5 years in Apr-12, so do let me know your suggestions to improve the blog in its next phase.

Once again, have a great year ahead….

2 Responses to “Happy New Year wishes to all and Mostly Economics 2011 in review”

  1. Andres Says:

    Keep the blogging going!!!

  2. Gaurav Tiwari Says:

    Haapy New Year to you too Amol 🙂

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