Where did the word crisis originate from?

As per this KC Chakrabarty speech the origination comes from a Greek word Krisis 🙂

Let me begin first by attempting to define a crisis. The word crisis originates from the Greek word ‘krisis’ – which means ‘decisive moment’. The Oxford dictionary defines a crisis as “a time of intense difficulty or danger” while the Cambridge dictionary describes it as “a situation that has reached an extremely difficult or dangerous point; a time of great disagreement, uncertainty or suffering”. The term financial crisis, to be more specific, is broadly applied to a range of situations which encompass banking panics, disorderly functioning of markets, stock market collapses, bursting of asset price bubbles, currency collapses, sovereign defaults, amongst others.

I should have checked this one. Most English words come from Greek or Latin origin. Thanks to Norman Lewis for educating me a bit on this.

I am not sure whether there is a bigger tribute to Greece crisis than this. It clearly has become mother of all the sovereign crisis we have seen so far. It may not be the size as such, but the way they have fooled people (so many of them) into believing it is a developed country, worthy member of Euro etc has simply been amazing..

Other than this, speech is pretty good. Summarizes the basics of crisis framework really well.. a good read…


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