Economics Bloggers Survey: Q1 2012

The latest survey of leading econ bloggers is out (Disclaimer: This blog is a participant to the survey).

There are not much changes since the last survey:

Economics bloggers have a negative but slightly improving outlook on the U.S. economy for the first quarter of 2012, with 14 percent who believe overall conditions are “strong and growing” and “strong with uncertain growth.” A total of 86 percent still believe the economy is “mixed” or “facing recession.” For an economy in which growth is the norm, 32 percent of respondents think the U.S. economy is worse than official statistics indicate, and only 9 percent believe it is better. When asked to describe the economy using five adjectives, “uncertain” remains the most frequently used term.

Some interesting responses to topical qs:

  • John Cochrane (The Grumpy Economist @ asked: Should the Eurozone become: 1) A currency union without fiscal union, allowing sovereign default; 2) A currency union with strong fiscal union; or 3) Broken up (no Euro) into national currencies or smaller units? 51% said break up Euro into national currencies or smaller units
  • FT Alphaville asked: Right now there are 12* countries with an AAA rating from both S&P and Moody’s. How many will there be at the end of 2015? 62% said around 6-10 ( Unclear if the world will end, but probably not) 🙂
  • Craig Newmark (Newmark’s Door) asked: Does the U.S. economy need higher inflation now? 53% said yes
  • FT Alphaville asked: Which of the following fringe-ish ideas or schools of thought would you like to see become accepted practice for monetary policymakers? 40% wanted to experiment with NGDP..way to go Scott Sumner your idea is gaining numbers
  • Tyler Cowen (Marginal Revolution) asked: What do you think of the new ethics code for economists? 40% said long overdue 🙂
There was a haiku contest as well on Euro crisis. ‘
Robert Cringely (I, Cringely) and Tim Kane (Kauffman) Haiku Challenge:The Euro is troubled, so what is its fate in 2012 and/or what should policymakers do?
Very bad at all this, I wrote:

Euro resembles badly made movie
Its producers keep claiming movie a hit
Time they accept it flopped.

There were no winners this time like in the last one. However Tim Kane;s favorite was:

On this Continent

All European Unions
Always end in blood.

~ ANDREW SAMWICK (of Andrew Samwick’s Blog)

As always, it was a fun exercise especially this Haiku challenge….


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