Understanding French attitude towards Americans..

It is amazing to note what different things people specialise in. Richard F Kuisel specialises in Franco-American  relations and gives a nice interview here.

You have been studying France’s attitude to America for many years, and have written several books about it – what first got you interested in the subject?

When I came to Washington in 2000, anti-Americanism was on the rise. I was invited by the State Department to give some advice about how one can explain the phenomenon. That got me interested in trying to understand French attitudes. As a result I began to publish studies about French anti-Americanism, and that ultimately led to thinking that I really needed to write a book about it.

The decisive moment came when at the State Department they were discussing French attitudes and one staff member said we needed some historical perspective, explaining that we needed to go back two years. I thought to myself, “We need to go back a little longer than two years to understand how the French perceive us.”

You obviously specialise in France but it wasn’t just France that was perceived as being anti-American.

Yes, of course there were other countries as well – such as Greece, Spain and the Middle East – where this was on the rise.

He also picks five books which help you understand the relations overtime..

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