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How everything is not right in the information age and history of information age

March 6, 2012

A superb must read interview of Nicholas Carr.

Is the Internet dividing our attention? Are we so buried in technology that we ignore one another? The technology writer discusses the history and implications of the information age, from the mechanical clock to the iPhone.

First what does info age mean?



A simpler solution for European crisis other than devaluation or break-up…

March 6, 2012

, and  have written a paper looking at a simpler solution for Eurozone…

They simplify the paper here (it really is simplification). Instead of the usual and painful suggestions of Euro break-up or not possible suggestion for Euro devaluation, there is a simpler one. They propose two changes in tax rates and call it fiscal devaluation:


Zimbabwe’s Hyperinflation basics

March 6, 2012

Dallas Fed released its annual report-2011.

In the report, Janet Koech of Dallas Fed has written a superb primer on Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation. It looks at the History of country, how it got independence and how the hyperinflation started.

It says though Zimbabwe issued 1 trillion dollar note but the actual currency issued was much larger(see endnote 1):


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