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Snapshot of Another Monetary Union – Eastern Caribbean Currency Union

March 7, 2012

IMF’s quarterly magazine Finance and Development Mar-12 issue is out. It has some superb articles as always.

Alfred Schipke tells us about another monetary union – Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. There are apparently four monetary unions and this one is one of them.

And yes EECU does not look in good shape like Eurozone. Just like EU, countries in ECCU are running higher deficits/debt levels.


The impact of European crisis on European Foreign Policy….

March 7, 2012

European Council on Foreign Relations grades European countries on their foreign policy. The exercise was started in 2010 and latest rankings/gradings for 2011 were issued recently. There was a summary of the findings on the Brookings website .

The latest study shows how the crisis has worsened Europ’s relations with other countries as well. Europe at some time was seen as a international problem solver and now has become an international problem by itself:


Krugman’s latest reflection on “Economics in the crisis”

March 7, 2012

Though most must have read it, those that have not here it is. Again, you many or may not agree with what he says but the writing is simply top-class.

Mush of his thoughts are well-known so not much to say. Just this time he blames himself for not thinking enough on how this crisis could occur..

But then all the explanation of key economic thoughts in plain English is just superb…

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