Ben Bernanke – A villain or a hero?

Though, most must have read this. In case not her is a nice profile of Ben Bernanke and his recent policies. It is by Roger Lowenstein who really does a good job of such type of stuff.

It is full of nice stories and anecdotes.

Nothing much to write or say here.

Just that only time and suture research will tell whether he was a villain or hero. But no matter what, he did prevent the second depression from happening. In this prevention business, his policies are questionable as to whether they led to rise in moral hazard, whether they will be hyper-inflationary or whether he could have done more to prevent the recession (like higher inflation targets etc.) Future research will look at many of the issues and make this liquidity trap literature richer with some more real world examples barring Japan.


One Response to “Ben Bernanke – A villain or a hero?”

  1. Prasad Hegde Says:

    Now , atleast quite a few economists are acknowledging on the moot point discussed . I came across this presentation made by Richard Duncan at CFA conference

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