The highest paid professors in US…

Jasmine Hall of Online Colleges sends this interesting list of the highest paid profs in US:

Like CEOs of sputtering companies receiving enormous salaries, the men and women steering the Titanic that is higher education in America could use a little pay scrutiny. After all, with many colleges cutting department budgets across the board, the only thing left to cut might just be (gasp!) faculty salaries. To get the ball rolling, we’ve lined up 10 of the most highly compensated professors in America who could give up a few hundred grand a year and still be able to mold young minds just fine.

The list is (brackets shows their field):

  1. David Silvers, Columbia University (Dermatology)
  2. Dean Takahashi, Yale University (Economics)
  3. Khalil M. Tabsh, UCLA (obstetrics and gynecology)
  4. Dan J. Laughhunn, Duke University (Fuqua School of Business)
  5. William E. Fruhan, Harvard (Harvard Business School)
  6. Mark D. Rosenbaum, University of Michigan (Law)
  7. William Friedman, University of Florida (Neurosurgeon)
  8. J. Michael Davis, University of Michigan (Ross School of Business, Entrepreneurial Studies)
  9. Andrew M. Isaacs, UC Berkeley (Engineering, Energy)
  10. Steven Weinberg, University of Texas (Physics)

Read the post for salary etc details. I hope the ones in B-schools are not talking about Occupy Wall Street movement, inequality etc…:-)

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  1. maheep Says:

    Reblogged this on DEMONstrate and commented:
    I wonder how much do Indian profs earn!!!!

  2. Social media Says:

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    […]The highest paid professors in US… « Mostly Economics[…]…

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