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St Louis Fed’s FRED Stats System and RBI’s DBIE system

March 29, 2012

St Louis Fed’s FRED System is perhaps the best designed tool to play with econ stats (FRED stands for Federal Reserve Economic Data).

Yes one can literally play with stats here with its amazing download system and easy to graph chart. It is like Bloomberg given to you for free with much friendlier charting system and data to choose from.

Krugman (who is a bug fan of FRED) points to this interesting article on history of FRED system. It also profiles the current team members managing FRED. It is a super light team for the kind of work they do  (just 506 of them). The history is:


ECB’s TARGET2 System- A Stealth Bailout?

March 29, 2012

In case people feel blogging has been weak, people now know the answer.

I have been working on this paper for a while. I have not really blogged much about this TARGET2 debate as I realised I knew nothing about it. It looked like a highly technical issue and needed some wide-scale reading and figuring ou things.

Here is the outcome in form of a paper on TARGET2 controversy.  There is still a lot of chaos around the topic. Let me know your comments/suggestions.

After working recently on RBI’s monetary operations (Part I & Part II) and now on this ECB’s TARGET2 system, I realise how granted we take a few things. We just assume central banks target inflation and cut policy rates. In case of RBI there are other functions as well.

However, what makes these decision tick via various monetary operations etc.  is highly unknown and we assume something must be going on.The details of this are hugely interesting and complex at the same time. Central banks should do much more to demystify their balance sheets and operations by publishing primers on the issues. It will really help clear the chaos and confusion..

Impact of rising commodity prices on making coins…

March 29, 2012

A fab post from WSJ Blog. It refers to this speech from Treasury chief Tim Geithner.

The speech in on the FY2013  Budget of Obama. He points how the new budget looks at lowering the costs via several ways. One of them is minting coins differently:


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