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Linking Greeks, Christianity and Economics

April 3, 2012

I had written a while back on how  Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, an economist was invited to speak at the 66th National Pediatrics Congress at Rome. He did it really well pointing how both Pediatrics  and economics is connected to building human capital. Do read it when you have time.

I just figured another such invite. Charles Calomiris was invited to Hellenic American Women’s Council and asked to speak about oikonomia from a religious standpoint, and the role of women in spiritual stewardship.

His remarks are here and is a fascinating read. He links Greeks, Christianity and Economics really well.


Some clarifications on Delhi’s Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS)

April 3, 2012

Here is a nice BS profile of Dr. Dinesh Mohanof IIT- Delhi. He was one of the key minds behind Delhi’s BRTS.

As criticism continues on BRTS, here are some clarifications from Dr. Mohan.


Need to look beyond standard measures (GDP, inflation etc) to track economic progress

April 3, 2012

Peter Marber (professional money manager and faculty member at Columbia University) writes this nice article on the topic.

He begins saying how much medical science has advanced over the years. But economics has remained much the same..



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